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Zanzibaris are the people comprised by the "Ungujans aka waUnguja" from Unguja island of the Zanzibar Archipelago and "waPemba" people from the Pemba island.

  • The future lies in spices.

Despite having beautiful and bright beaches, corals which give a paradise experience to Snorkelers and divers, Zanzibar has been known for so many years as a quality spice exporter Islands in the World. Common spices like Turmeric, Gingers, Black Peppers, Cinnamons, Cardamoms, Cloves are mostly used daily in Zanzibar cuisines, so you must find them everywhere in the local Markets. Here at Zanzibar World, we organize the spice farms tour for travelers who are interested to learn more about spices and explore how we use them in our daily life.

Get expert tips and tricks when selecting, cooking and storing spices.

You don't need to buy every spice on the shelf, but it’s fun to experiment with flavours to find nuances to your own dishes.

  • Spice makes dishes taste rich without all of the butter, cream and sugar.
  • Used for flavoring or coloring food.
  • Where seasoning is everything.

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